Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Last speed session 8km fartlek

Well this is it.  My last speed session and wouldnt you know it.....my stomach has decided to kill me all day.....a slow agonising death.   Days like today I hate my body.  I look 6 months pregnant and have moments where I cant even stand up straight.  All I can do is hope it passes (no punn intended)  and that I can walk.

I was lucky and my tummy eased enough to walk.  Was still tight and crampy which made walking fast challenging.   Infact i am sure it effects my psoas as at 5km my right leg started playing up with pain in the hamstring and calf.

By 5km I nearly quit.  My fasts were getting slow and my slows were becoming OMG slow.  But it is better to get the distance so I spent more time focusing on technical stuff......and from the video on my fb wall....its paid off.

So now its time to reflect.   While I have not lost any weight,  i am faster and stronger.  That alone has to be an advantage for me.   I am used to heat so that puts a small advantage to me..........time will tell and it will come down to who is hungrier for the win.

Bring on Perth......I'm ready

48.19 for 8km fartlek
8km data

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