Sunday, 2 October 2016

18km death march

I'm calling this the waffle death march!

Its a long weekend.....i really wanted to sleep in.....go have breaky at Nona's, lay in the sun and then do my 18km.   What I should have done was get up at my walk,  then do the breaky and sun bath things.

By 3pm my fatigue had set in and i was still feeling very full from breakfast.........yes, i had waffles.  I normally get scrambled eggs but nope, today of all days....i change and decide on waffles, chocolate fudge and marshmellows 😲🤗😍   all soooo naughty but soooo good.

I got all my gear on and headed out.  I was going to walk the path for the half marathon. ( note to self ....dont do this again as pavement was terrible )  My first km felt terrible.  I felt like i had bricks in my shoes.  Try as i might, i couldnt get any speed up....and it progressively got worse.  At 4km, my breakfast made a hasty return.  Ummm thats embarrassing and all i could do was grab a lamp post and hope it was not going to be to messy.

I carried on and just gave up stressing about the time.  I just wanted it over and done.   I had Alf and Karen go past me....toot tooting and a big wave.  Alf is just back from Mexico competing at the world triathlon.  Now he is an inspiration.

When I got out to Runaway Bay, I wasnt sure where to go so I followed the walkway around the beach.  It went on to a wooden broadwalk that took me around to flash appartments.  It was really pretty along there, lots of people fishing.   I ran out of walkway before making i knew i would have to do a loop near home to add in the missing km.  

The walk home didnt get any better, but at least its over and out of the way now.  
I even went and soaked in the spa.   Had it all to myself too.

So this will be my worst walk todate.  18km in 1.59   ugh

18km data

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