Tuesday, 18 October 2016

3 x 2km and 4 x 500m

2km reps intimidate me so much.   Its an odd distance to me as I'm not a short distance walker, i like to get into a pace and work with that.   2km are not long enough to do thst but too short for my fittness ....... ugh material.

My legs were still pretty tired from the 20km but i was still going to put my all into this.  Even Kay, Paul and Deb did 2km reps to help me out.

My first 2km was probably exactly what Jim wanted.   5.43 and 5.49  so an avg of 5.45
But i struggled to even flow tonight.  Even the video had me looking like an old clunker.  Next km 5.44 and 5.53  ...yeah im getting really tired now.  Third and last 5.46 and 5.57  and im done.  

2km data

Now i had 4 x 500m .......i did almost quit.  These were slow but i got them done ....2.52   2.50    2.47   2.46

4 x 500m data

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