Saturday, 15 October 2016

20km training walk

This is my last long walk before worlds.  I'm tired .... 10km yesterday left me pretty wiped out and my toes feeling very battered.    I was not feeling too confident that this will be a good walk.  But turns out my body surprised me and the walk went better than I thought.

Its a gorgeous day and I started out at 6am.  I tucked a gel away and planned to take it at 10km.   I felt surprisingly strong and managed to walk easily at 6.20 pace.  I even managed a few bursts ... nothing huge but bursts never the less.

There was a cycle race on through southport so I got to see lots of riders go flying past. Lots of people were out paddling on the water and walking dogs.  It was just lovely.  I ended up walking over the southport bridge and around towards sea world.

On my way back I bumped into Robyn and her freind out on a nice sunday strole.  I stopped breifly to chat and then was off again, taking on my gel and stopping again to drink from the fountain.

15km and my body was starting to feel tired, glutes were hurting and my toes were really sore.  I kept telling my self its the home stretch now.  Once i got to the last km, I thought I need to push hard now .... and I was really please that I got a 6.04 out.

2.07.22 for 20km training walk.  I'm good with that.

20km data

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