Tuesday, 11 October 2016

3 x 800/200

Well this was meant to be 6 x 800/200  .....  but my stomach had other ideas.

I'd had some gastro problems throughout the day and had hoped it would settle by the time I had my training.  

I got to the track and warmed up.  Felt fine during the warm up and was ready for the speed session.    First 800 and I was feeling strong and much faster than I had done.   4.24 is a good time...... 30 sec rest and then fast 200m in 1.02  hmmmm thats a 5.26 for 1km.   Cool i was happy with that.

Started on my 2nd 800m but 400m in and I felt a sharp twisting pain in my stomach.   I hoped it would ease and it did a little.   Still did a 4.24 then a 1.02 for 200m.  So same time.....excellent, but the pain was not going away.   I know this pain, doesnt happen oftern but when it does its like being stabbed.

Started the 3rd 800m but felt much slower and 400m in pain started up again..only this time it didn't ease.   I stopped for the 30sec rest and then hoped to at least finish the 200m.   4.25 + 1.04   .... will i felt much slower, its a surprise to see it wasnt as bad as it felt.    But this time the pain was there to stay so I pulled the pin and rang my coach.  I'm very lucky that he knows me well enough to know I never just quit a session so he agreed it was best to stop.  Cant push through that kind of pain.

So I managed half my planned walk.

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