Saturday, 8 October 2016

5000m Gold Coast Masters Memorial Day

The Gold Coast Masters held a special competition day to remember our club members who have passed away.  Its a beautiful gesture and we even had family members drive up to support the event.  I had decided I would wear my NZ Masters shirt .... more for NZ and to remember Lesley.   In the mean time the new crop top arrived and i decided to wear it to test how it will wear...(needs altering,  must lower the arm holes)

We had a good turn out for the walkers.   Dean, George, Patrick, Paul, Kay, Robyn and myself.   We all warmed up and chatted amongst ourselfs.  Today we were given tags so we had electronic timing....the type when you cross over a mat 😊

Gun goes and we are off.   Considering that i had done 10km yesterday my legs didn't feel as bad as I thought they would.  It was great having so many out on the track,  gives you lots of people to focus on....either to catch or to pass.  There was no clock today and cause i didnt trust my watch....i changed my watch to only show me my current lap.  So I had no idea of my overal time.  I just didnt want to slow to 6 min kms.  I felt good and strong, even with the slight wind that would come out of no where.

My last lap, I really tried to dig in it and pick up my pace...not sure how i went there but it was so good to finish.  Even better when I checked my overal time 😀  28.38  wowzers ... thats an improvement.
5000m dats

Then, I drove home ... changed top, threw my head set on and went out to do 10km.   It was really windy now and my wanting to do this was at zero.  But that is not going to help me medal in Perth.   So suck it up and go!

It was as ugly as I expected.  My legs were dead and the wind was making it tough going.   By 4km i nearly just turned and went home.....but I made myself keep going.  By 7km my hip flexor started to hurt and my toes.   The change in posture from walking into the wind put too much on my flexors.

Headed for home, trying hard to get back before 11am....Its Bathurst and its on race I like to watch

My time for the 10km is exactly a recovery walk.  1.06   dont care it was slow, it was done!
10km walk

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