Sunday, 23 October 2016

8km windy walk

I procrastinated today.....alot!   I had a much needed sleep in ....went out to a committee meeting, got my nails done and brought home lunch.   I was silly and had brought some yummy stuff from the bakery for hour later my tummy let me know that it didnt like my lunch choice.  So I spent an hour curled up on the couch dozing.   Finally heading out a 4pm.  It was really windy and a little chilly.   I was happy ticking along at an easy pace with focus more on form.  Tucking butt more and being more upright.  When I made it down to the beach it was a real struggle to push into the wind.....but when I reached 4km turn, it was great to have the wind at my back.  Everything flowed well today.  Heart rate was nice and low, body felt good and strong.

50.43 for 8km

8km data

David and Lis have arrived at the house in Perth.   I cant wait to get down there next week.   The cool thing is....we have a pool  yay.

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