Saturday, 8 October 2016

Easy 10km

Today was to be an easy 10km..  i have a 5000m race tomorrow 😊

My legs felt pretty tired today so I was happy to just tick along.  I'm having some trouble with my watch.  It has an update but it wont instal it and now I cant get the update to re download...hmmm....pain in butt when it does this.  Plus my heart stap has been spiking badly so have put a new battery in...that should fix that issue.   I might have to factory reset my watch and start over on it...... but I'm feeling its time for an upgrade.

So a couple of my kms today were definitely longer than normal but I gave up worring about it.

Cruised along at a nice easy pace and I am hopefull for a good time tomorrow..... legs depending of course.

1.04 for 10km

10km data

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