Tuesday, 4 October 2016

6 x 800/200

This is a workout that really bites.  It pushes you both physically and mentally.

800 ....... 30sec rest .... then 200m sprint.   Recover for 2 mins  and repeat.

Even Kay did 6 of these bad boys.....and looked fantastic while out on the track.

I started easy as I have learnt in the past that going out to fast really really hurts.  I was very lucky to have Jess Pickles out on tbe track and we timed it so that for most of my 200ms was the start of her km.  So she helped push me to a good solid fast 200m time.

I have to say I am really pleased with how this workout went.  After the disaster 18km ... and pulling a few muscles in my sudden stop and yak.....I was a little scared I had hurt myself again.....but pleased to say I had no hammy or back pain.   Yay

Even better......I might have some company for my 20km walks for the next couple of Sundays...... fingers crossed Jess & I can work out schedules out.  I promise NO waffles lol

Here are my times:-
4.33    1.00
4.27   .58
4.29    1.03
4.30    1.00
4.37   1.03
4.37    .58

Now to recover quick as coach has made this a tough week.

800 / 200 data

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