Thursday, 6 October 2016

10km fartlek

Wowzer....this is going to test me.

Get out there and attack it....and I did.  

Good solid first km in 5.35 mins .....yus!  Happy with that.  Then recovery 500m....trying hard to stay close to 3 min.  Succeeded in this for most.  Obviously towards the end i was getting tired but they were still ok.

Fast 500m were also acceptable.... avg about 2.53   not fantastic but ok.

Got to 5km in 29.20 and was pretty happy with that and kinda hoped i could hang on to that and break 60mins in the 10km.  Which I did.

Boom baby !  59.35 for 10km fartlek

Finally I'm showing improvement.  Starting to feel confident now.

10 km data

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