Saturday, 18 March 2017


Well, here I am again.  

I had a very successful trip to NZ for the NZ Masters Nationals.    2 golds and I'm very proud of them.   The talk walk was incredibly challenging with very strong wind through the whole 3000m so the time I had hoped for was dashed.    Then backing it up for the 10km Road Walk.   But this race went much better and I ended up winning this race out right.   Spending time with family and friends was the absolute high light and already I miss them all.

So I have come home to work on strength training.   My hip bursa is back and has set of the glute med aswell.    So sitting hurts and walking even more so.   But I refuse to give up.   Slowing down and sorting this is my only option.

I will get through this......I will be back stronger.  

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