Thursday, 1 September 2016

8km with 2 x 3min bursts

I spent yesterday cleaning out the office and putting big boxes out into the container.   I'm not really sure what it is that I do but every time I end up pulling my calf...... and sure enough I felt it pull as I was carrying 2 boxes of copy paper.   If must be the extra weight and my calf is just not strong enough.

So needless to say I was little nervous about walking today.  

I opted to still use the walkway and walk with kay.   Well start and finish with kay and pass her as we walked back and forth.   For some reason my garmin didn't recognize the distance and says my first kms were only 500m.   I was manually lapping so I know they are correct.

I struggled today..... tummy issues and just tired.   I listened very carefully to my body and after 2km felt my calf was going to be ok.   It never hurt - just feels tight.

I did manage 2 x 3min bursts .... but only managed 500m so it was not much of a burst..... but I'll take it.

After I finished I made sure I had a good gentle stretch and will ice and roller when I get home.

Total time 51:24

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