Tuesday, 6 September 2016

5000m fartlek fail

I tanked it tonight......epically!

Maybe i am not recovered from my 15km?  Maybe my adductor is more hurt than i think.......or maybe there is just too much going on at the moment and something had to give.   Either way  ... I'm disappointed BUT I finished it.

So back to my adductor......of this I have NO clue.  I woke up today feeling like i was bruised in my groin and part way doen the inner right thigh.  All day it has hurt and now i can feel a lump in my limph node in my groin.   It actually feels as if i have an infection?  But i dont...no cuts or abrasions anywhere.....so I am baffled as to why it just happened..... I walked ok.....a little pain as my heel hit the track but nothing at all while flexed and walking.   Bizarre really.

My calf was ok.   It did pump up and go tight but it didnt hurt so I feel good about that.

Why do I feel like I tanked......I should have been faster today, it should have been easier.  Instead I hzd ZERO speed.  My first km was barely under 6mins and after that it just got harder to try and pick up between the medium and fast.    I didnt give up and right to the end fought for every step.

Looking at the data..my heart rate was low compared to the effort i felt i was putting in.   Not much else can gained from picking this apart.  Put it behind me and move forward.

Icing my adductor and will gently stretch it.   I have a 20km race on sunday and I want to try and get a decent time.

5000m data

30:54 was my time tonight.   This has to improve next week.


  1. What distances have you entered for Perth?

    Where is your 20k?

    Good luck :)

  2. I am doing 10km and 20km
    My 20km race is on sunday near brisbane, it also doubles as the 10km club Champs too