Tuesday, 20 September 2016

5 x 1km with 2 min recovery

Oh man I'm tired.   I've been going through quite a bit of stress in the last month but good news is its all been resolved and there is nothing left to worry about.  But now that i can relax, I'm left feeling like i could sleep for a week.  Stress fatigue is just awful.   It hits you like a wave and leaves you weak, exhausted and bone tired.  Driving to the track i struggled to stay in my lane and stay awake.  Its frightening as you cant just pull over on the motorway.

But any way ..I digress.    Tonight i was in for 5 x 1km and i opted for the track.  I felt very clunky during my warm up but eventually smoothed out.  Kay decided she would do 3 x 1km and we started out together.

My first km was a struggle as i pushed my body to move....use glutes, push off,  lengthen stride....the list is endless.

1st = 5:48
2nd = 5:42
3rd = 5:42
4th = 5:41
5th = 5:39

I am really happy with this.  I got a little quicker with each one.  Now to build up fitness.  Eventually i felt smooth and everything flowed better.  6 weeks to go....scary stuff.

5 x 1km

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