Thursday, 15 September 2016

4 x 1km with 4km recovery

Its pouring.   I'm driving down to the walkway and I'm so not keen.   I dont have my jacket......ugh.....I'm going to get wet.

Kay was there waiting for me and we chuckled about gotta race in it so best to train in it.  We walked down to the start.  I was just going to use the first km and go back and forth with a 2min rest between km.  Kay was going to walk the full walkway so that should have us finish 4km at the same time.

I started off and felt heavy and still.  Its wet and very slippery under foot.   I get to 500  in 2:52 and finish my first km in 5:54

I wait 2 mins and go back up the walkway.   I hit 500 in 2:51 and 2nd km in 5:49

Feeling tired and pretty puff, but i get ready for 3rd km.   This time I feel a diff and can feel me stretching out.  I hit 500 in 2:49 and finish that km in 5:46

Its stopped raining but its still sandy and slippery.  Kay whizzed past as i was catching my breath,  so I took chase.  Catching and passing just at the finish.  This time i hit 500m i  2:54 and i thought, I'm done.....too tired but i dug deep for the last 100m to finish i  5:48

While its nothing amazing, on this walkway it is.  I have spent a wonderful time having my mother inlaw, kinda sister in law and aunt n uncle.    Lots of laughs and fun ❤ sadly they all return home this week end.  Ill miss them.

Kay and i carried on for another 4kms and chattered as we walked.  We miss doing that.

Thanks kay for walking with me tonight.....its started to get easier noe.

4 x 1km data

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