Monday, 12 September 2016

20km QMA Long Course Walks

This race is to be my test of fitness and endurance.   It will give me and jim the best indication of what we feel I will achieve at world's in Perth.

The pain in my right leg has been my biggest hindrance,  holding me back from training this week.   Still not 100% sure of what is wrong but think a Dr visit will be in order soon.

Kay and I carpooled to this race as it was further than what we normally travel.   We chatted away on the drive in and helped wake each other up and get in the mood for a good race.   Kay was doing the 10km and I was doing both 10km and the 20km.   We signed in and went to warm up.   I must say i was most surprised by the arrival of one entrant but I was not going to let it bother me,  and they stayed well away..... so that saved any harsh words being said.

Race plan was to....... aim for sub 60 min 10km and then just training pace for the second 10 km.   In the half marathon in July, I did 2.07.25 for 20km so I was hoping for that or lower.

I felt good and strong and chased out after the day i will keep up with them.  Once warmed up my leg didn't bother me at all..hmmm so not muscle.  While walking I suddenly realised the pain felt the same as when i get mondors cord......tiny blood clots in a vein and it gets inflamed.  I would bet money i have this in my leg.

I went through 10km in 59.40.....OMG...right on plan....i was so excited.  Now to hold it together for another 10km.   I was starting to get tired now and could feel how un race fit i was.   15km in 1.31.20......starting to slow now but I'm  still really happy with that.

Now the last 5km .... this was getting tough.   I was trying hard to not let my pace get any slower than 6.30 and i achived that.   My toes were really hurting and i knew its going to mean losing a couple.

As i came up towards the finish line i mustered all i could to try and speed up a little and amazingly......i finished in a bloody good time of 2.02.44 now makes going under 2 hours achievable.   I am so happy.

20km data

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