Saturday, 24 September 2016

10km with 3 x 3min bursts

What a difference a mega B injection makes.    Not even 24 hours and I already feel better.   Still tired but not fatigued tired.  

I decided to walk a new way today.   I knew it would be a tough walk as its very underlating ... but not so bad that i cant walk up the rolling hills.   I figured it would be a good work out.  Only one big intersection but it has nice wide paths with no one around.  It runs beside the gold coast highway from harbour town out to helensvale and i drive along this every morning.

I also decided to walk mid day as I have found out my 10km race in Perth is at 12.30 and will be hot.  

I didnt expect much from today and to be honest, headed out with what felt like an easy pace so i was surprised that my first km was 6.07 and this was on a slight rise.  I kept up the same amount of effort and felt great...really great.  The rises were getting bigger and so using more effort to push up them.   I was loving the down sides and just whizzed down them.   I even felt good enough to do my bursts of race pace but they kinda get absorbed but km 2, 3 and 4 have bursts in them.

I am get a full blood work done and it will be interesting to see what my B count is even after getting the injection.   I will definitely be getting another just before i leave for Perth.

Total time for my 10km today is 1.01.41 and I am thrilled with that.

10km data

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