Thursday, 22 September 2016

8 km Fartlek

Todays fun workout is an 8km fartlek.   I was looking forward to this one.....well not really...but these are the sessions you get the most out of.

Most days i make it to 3pm and then hit a wall.  Fatigue sets in and i just feel numb and bone tired.  Good news is,  i am booked to have my B complex injection tomorrow.... i am a good month over due and csn really feel it.  Fingers crossed i get a good hit from it.

I opted to use the broadwalk and walk with kay.  She jogged beside me as i started and then slipped in behind me once she started walking too.

My legs felt like lead bricks.   I tried so hard to push but a 6 min km was the best i was going to get.  From here it gets less startling.....most of my fast 500s were 3 mins and most of my slow 500s were 3.15  i even had to stop at 4km for an emergency toilet stop.......tummy started grumbling about my walk too.

My data shows a very low heart rate which shows i was not using my legs nor pushing as hsrd as i felt i was.   But it got done, i didnt quit.

Time for 8km is 49.55   .... its ok and I'll happily take it.

8km data

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