Sunday, 4 September 2016

15km training walk

I was very nervous about this walk.   After aggravating my calf on Wednesday....I have been a little over cautious and even decided to flag my 5 km walk yesterday.    I was determined to do today's walk and even if it was slow....I knew I need distance in my legs and for my fitness.

I just couldn't fire up today.   I don't really know why....... my whole body felt heavy and slow.   I know I was careful about not pushing off to much for the first 2 km but even once i warmed up,  i just had nothing.

At 7km I could feel my calf starting to pump up and get tight,  but there was no pain so I kept on.   Every now and then I would get a twinge but nothing bad enough to stop for.   I had put some heat gel on and by 11km it started to work.   I could feel both my calfs starting to get hot.    Like almost burning hot...I knew that once I get home and stop that they will heat up more (and they have)

It was a gorgeous day and it was lovely just being out.   I do wish I was faster and I know I will get there,  it's just frustrating.    I hate re building.... it takes forever to get back to where you were,  let alone where you want to be.

So my time today was 1:36:45  an avg pace of 6:27

Next Sunday I have a 20 km race......scary....

15km data

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