Friday, 26 August 2016

Day 1 - Road To Perth

Hi there,

I am moved blogs and homes .... LOTS have been happening.   I have swapped blogs because the old blogs email address went woggy and I couldnt access it any more to add posts.   So easier to just start new and with my regular email.   So much more simple.

Well ... here we are :D   all nice and new and shiny.   So I will start anew with my training too.  

I have been lost for the last few months with no direction or goal as such.   I had been injured for most of the year with a torn calf and Sticky Shoulder.   Both of these left me in a deep funk and I really lost all motivation to walk or try hard when I did.   I had made the decision to not go to Perth and to just ride out the injury.   Well in the last month I have gained nearly full use of my shoulder again and have had no pain in my calf.   I had done a couple of club walks and my times have been half decent.  

So now,  between my Husband and Jim (ex Coach - soon to be new Coach)  they both got me thinking that I could perhaps still enter Perth.   I didnt want to be away for 2 would be too hard to get time off work and I didnt want to be away for that long!!  I had 2 days to decide....could I do this...did I want to do this and what will I enter.  

In true Nyle fashion.... on the last day and in the last hour....I entered the 10km and the 20km and committed myself.     OMG  what had I done.   I spent a sleepless night trying to work out some kind of training program and when I spoke to hubby he just pointed out the obvious.   You did your best when you didnt have to think about it......when Jim told you to do this or that on set days and you did it.   So speak to Jim and see if he would like to coach you again.   Lucky for me the silly bugger is keen to take me back on again............... must have caught him in a weak moment.

SO Day 1 - I set myself the goal to get up and do 10km.   Its a public holiday for us in Gold Coast  and so I got up at 7am and headed out.   Picked a new path and loved the scenery.  While out walking I made the decision to call my Ex coach and ask if he would take me back on and get me to Perth.

So Day 2 - Starts the training with Jim again.   Lucky he was in a kind mood and has just given me 6km.

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