Sunday, 28 August 2016

13.5 km - long walk along the beach front

Gosh I was a little sore today.  Glutes were tender so I decided to walk later in the day.  Not sure now if that was wise or not.  But i sure am buggered now.

I thought I would go a more direct route...thinking it would be 3km to the start of the 1km walkway.  But it ended up only being 2.250km and the walkway was being repaired so I had to muck around trying to cross the busy road to find my way across.   But this path is perfect...its wide, flat and got a measured 1km.  Perfect as I need to get used to back and forth over a 1km.  

Along the walkway I was averaging 6.15 per km and was really pleased with that considering my legs were starting to get pretty heavy.

While I was walking a group of people had been watching me go back and forth called out to me.  They asked if I knew the walker guys who won medals.  I was very proud to say that I did ..... they asked me to pass on congrats.  How cool is that!

I headed for home with a new found burst of energy.  I picked a different way home so my 13km become 13.5km   a little bonus for the coach 😊

1.25 for 13.5 km with an avg pace of 6.21 per km - avg heart rate 150

I made sure I stretched and rolled myself over the foam roller.   Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

13.5 km data

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