Friday, 26 August 2016

Day 1 of new program ... 6km

Today is the first day of my new training program.  Jim was kind and gave me 6km.   I dug out my heart strap as its time to see how unfit i really am.

My legs are a little heavy after doing 10km yesterday but nothing that was going to bother me too much.  

I know i am going to miss quite a few club races over the next couple of months but Sunday is the best day for long sessions and i will need every km i can get.

I decided to head out direct from home and go straight along to the runaway bay cycle drome.  From there the footpath is nearly 2km with no road crossings and is nice and wide.  I mucked up my road crossing on the way out and had to wait nearly 4 mins to get across.  Coming back I found the crossing lights and used them,  quicker... but still a stop.

I felt good through this and kept focused on form and thinking strong.  37.36 is ok and I'll take it.

6km data

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